Frequently asked questions

To whom applies the Harzer Urlaubs-Ticket?

The Harzer Urlaubs-Ticket (HATIX) applies to overnight visitors of the following cities and boroughs respectively:  

  • Ballenstedt,
  • Blankenburg,
  • Halberstadt: Hotel Villa Heine,
  • Harzgerode (incl. Alexisbad, Bärenrode, Dankerode, Friedrichshöhe, Güntersberge, Mägdesprung, Neudorf and Silberhütte),
  • Ilsenburg (incl. Darlingerode and Drübeck),
  • Oberharz am Brocken (incl. Benneckenstein, Elbingerode, Elend, Hasselfelde incl. Rotacker, Königshütte, Höhlenort Rübeland incl. Neuwerk and Susenburg, Sorge, Stiege, Tanne and Trautenstein),
  • Quedlinburg (incl. Bad Suderode and Gernrode),
  • Stolberg (Harz),
  • Thale (incl. Allrode, Almsfeld, Altenbrak, Friedrichsbrunn, Thale, Treseburg, Stecklenberg and Wendefurth),
  • Wernigerode (incl. Benzingerode, Minsleben, Reddeber, Silstedt and Schierke.

The expansion of the current HATIX area of validity to the western and southern part of the Harz is planned.

Where can I find current time tables?

Information on current time tables will be available at your host, the local tourist information, online at www.hatix.info and on the websites of the participating public transport companies. See: HATIX validity – time tables

For further information on current time tables please call:

INSA – the information service station for trains and busses
0391 5363180 or www.insa.de

May I use the Harzer Urlaubs-Ticket when using the train (Deutsche Bahn, HEX) or the Narrow Gauge Railway Bahn (‘Harzer Schmalspurbahnen’)?

No, the Harzer Urlaubs-Ticket is only valid when using the regional bus and tram services of the

  • HVB Harzer Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH
  • HVG Halberstädter Verkehrs-GmbH
  • VGS Verkehrsgesellschaft Südharz mbH

in the Harz district as well as specific lines (nr. 423, 450, 453 and 460) in the Mansfeld-Südharz district.

The train services offered by the DB Regio (‘Deutsche Bahn’), Veolia Verkehr (‘HEX’), the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways (‘Harzer Schmalspurbahn’) as well as special bus services such the Anrufsammeltaxi (‘AST’) and the Anruflinientaxi (‘ALT’) CANNOT be used with HATIX.

How much is the HATIX?

Upon arrival at your accommodation you need to register with your host and pay the visitor’s tax. Afterwards you will receive a booklet in which your registration form is integrated. This booklet in combination with your registration form serves as the Harzer Urlaubs-Ticket (‘HATIX’).

There is no need to purchase a separate ticket. HATIX gives you free unlimited use of the regional public bus and tram services in Harz district as well as on selected lines in the Mansfeld-Südharz district for the duration of your stay.

I am a same-day visitor. May I use the HATIX as well?

No. The Harzer-Urlaubs-Ticket is only valid for overnight visitors.

I will be accommodated privately. May I use the HATIX as well?

No. The Harzer-Urlaubs-Ticket is only valid for overnight visitors.

Does the HATIX also allows free transport of bikes or dogs?

The Harzer Urlaubs-Ticket is only valid for the transportation of persons or items such as bicycles. However, the final decision of the transportation of bicycles lies with the crew.

For the transportation of dogs the common terms and conditions of the respective participating public transport companies apply. Also, the decision of the transportation of dogs lies with the crew. In case the safety and order of the transportation service will be endangered the crew might refuse the transportation of the dog.

Guide dogs for the blind will always be taken for transportation.